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Your Enemy is the second single from the Urban Sea's upcoming debut album ‘Fall Back to Reason’. Recorded and mixed at Sound Out Studios by their very own Casper Hall, and mastered by Mathew Grey (Butterfingers, The Screaming Jets), the song is a hooky, groove rock offering reminiscent of bands such as Lime Cordiale and Ocean Alley. Love songs resonate the deepest when they come from a place of honesty and recognise the potential for pain. In the words of Nick Cave “Those songs that speak of Love without having within their lines an ache or a sigh are not Love Songs at all but rather Hate Songs disguised as Love Songs and are not to be trusted. These songs deny us our humanness and our God given right to be sad, and the airwaves are littered with them.” In this sense Your Enemy is a song of unconditional love observed through the prism of a complicated relationship. Lyrically, it is at times sentimental and at times tongue in cheek. Musically, Your Enemy demonstrates the six-piece at their best, drawing upon their arsenal of instruments, they take the listener on a journey from the calm to the chaotic and back again.

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Well known around the live music venues and dive bars of Brisbane, R&B rock band The Urban Sea have been making some serious waves. With six members and an arsenal of instruments at their disposal, they are a genre-fluid melting pot of influences known for their huge live sound and songs that speak to fans across the musical spectrum.  The band write songs about the ebb and flow of modern life with the goal to create music that moves people, either physically or emotionally. Their first single ‘Underground Love’ and their follow up debut self-titled EP released in 2020 received national airplay on Double J and radio across the country.  The Urban Sea have just dropped two new singles and their debut album ‘Fall Back to Reason’ is set for release in December.

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